hxp CTF 2017 Virtual Machine released

Every player knows the one problem of both online and on-site CTFs. You really enjoy (or hate) hacking awesome challenges. But once the CTF is over most of the online services, web challenges, downloads and descriptions are gone forever.

We tried to offer a static archive of our past CTFs. Sadly, we can’t keep the challenge services running forever and only the challenges’ description and downloads are available. This is a big problem when you want to test your write-up against the original execution environment or generally want to teach anyone about past CTFs.

So, we decided to dig through our archives and repack all challenges of the hxp CTF 2017 into one self-contained virtual machine:

hxp CTF 2017 VM Interface

Simply start the VM with VirtualBox and visit the Scoreboard with your normal browser.

hxp CTF 2017 VM Interface

You can now enjoy unlimited time with your favorite challenges. The environment is practically identical to the original CTF but running on your own computer. Can you finally please hack those unsolved challenges? The hxp CTF 2017 Virtual Machine is also a great teaching tool.

Checkout our CTF archive and the hxp CTF 2017 Virtual Machine.